Sunday, January 4, 2009

Moving Out

Last Saturday we picked up our moving truck and moved all of our belongings into 26 ft. (We don't really have that much stuff, but they didn't have the 22ft truck that we ordered.) Tucker and Aubrey helped me clear stuff off of the shelves in the packing process.

My sister and her husband helped us with packing and moving. It is sooo great having family help!
Unfortunately we lost 4 pieces of furniture in the loading process. A desk, entertainment center, bookshelf and toy organizer. Oh well, we had fun demolishing and finishing them off and we've learned not to buy furniture that you are going to move around from Walmart and Target!

The crew from our ward that helped us move out. Thank you!
We had everything loaded in the truck in probably an hour and then spent the rest of the day cleaning and playing games on our laptops with my sister and her husband.


The Eliason Family said...

Wow! Look at all those manly men!