Sunday, November 16, 2008

BYU vs Air Force

Yesterday Lisa and I had the opportunity to go to the BYU vs Air Force football game here in Colorado Springs. My parents flew in town to go to the game with us, and we got some awesome seats (as you will see from the photos). We had 70 degree weather on Thursday here in the Springs, and then Friday came around with snow and a low of 13 degrees. It got a little better on Saturday for the game, but was still quite chilly. Perfect for a November football game.
Our seats were on the 50 yard line, right in the middle of some die hard Air Force fans, retired Air Force personnel and ex- Air Force Academy cadets. They were all so respectful, polite and fun to be around. Too bad other hosting schools can't be the same. We had a great time harassing them back and forth with friendly banter throughout the game. Here is a shot of Lisa and me enjoying the game.

My mom and dad cheering the Cougars on.

At halftime, we called our dental school friend John Adams to meet up with him and his wife. On our way over, we ran into another dental school friend, Aaron Haskett. He graduates from the Colorado Ortho program in two weeks and then is off to Oregon.
Moments after snapping this photo, another dental school friend, Hans Egbert walked by with his brother-in-law, and then another dental school friend, Cody Coleman called Aaron to let him know he was at the game too! It was really fun and quite coincidental that all of us ran into each other at a BYU football game. What a small world it is.

Here are a few of the game time photos I snapped.

The cougars played quite poorly the first half, but thanks to Austin Collie's leadership in the locker room at half time the team came out and dominated the second half. They won the game 38-24 and the highlight was Austin's over the shoulder touch down catch in the 4th quarter. It was a thrilling catch. My hat goes off to the Air Force crowd and their incredible hospitality. Oh, and the amazing patriotic atmosphere at the game. The salute to the soldiers that had recently returned from Iraq, the phenomenal F-15 fly over in the missing man formation, and the general respect for our nation. What a game. Here's a video someone posted from the game yesterday. The F-15's fly by at about 30 seconds in the video. It was very moving. Enjoy.


Deon said...

We were wondering how many of you guys might be there yesterday but we didn't see you on tv! Glad you got to go!

Preston said...

too bad you wont be going to any BCS bowls this year. Utah is going to destroy you next week! lol!

Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

fun game and awesome seats! ready to loose next week! haha! =) it will be a fun game to watch!

AJ said...

Fun times. It will be a good game next week that's for sure.

Carter Family said...

That's awesome that you ran into all those dudes. the video of the fly-over was awesome. Bryce

Kent said...

Your post and pictures took me back to a time that we ushered at the Air Force games to raise money for the stake. That was a long time ago. The Air Force wasn't winning many games back then.

That stadium can get quite cold in the winter months.

I would have been cheering the cadets on. My younger brother is a die hard Y fan.

Brian and Becca said...

looks like you had a fun cold time at the game. Brian applies for dental school this May, so cross your fingers! How long has your husband been a dentist? Is it worth the long years of school? I always have to remind myself that it will be worth it in the end.

Larry said...

I am not a diehard Y fan. I am a zoobie from back a few decades, but I don't much care about who wins, except when BYU is winning, I prefer that.

Mike said...

While I wa watching the game, I kept wondering if you were there. Glad you got to go. It was a great game...especially the second half.

Bring on the Utes next week.