Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nighty Night

Aubrey received her first nightgown yesterday. Her Grandma and Grandpa Calderwood sent her a birthday package and I love it! I wasn't sure at what age to get her a nightgown...apparently this is a great time! She looks so adorable in it, not the best picture below - but you get the idea, and she likes to pull the overlay up and see her hands through it. So very cute! This is how Tucker takes naps. There is never any rhyme or reason with the way he sleeps. I love the fact that he lined his airplanes up before falling asleep. He has been so fun lately. He has always loved songs and knows all the actions, but never said the words. Well, a few days ago he came to me doing the actions for "Popcorn Popping" and he was singing! It's great! Now he sings to all the songs he knows.
One of my best friends from high school, Maquel, came to visit me for a day on Sunday/Monday. Her husband had business in Philadelphia for the day and then they were on their way to Boston for more business. Their layover happened to be in Baltimore and I was so excited! We talked for hours and I took her to the Inner Harbor so she could see a bit of our lovely city.

Maquel and Clark Evans


Kristen said...

I've been wanting to get Lucy a nightgown, but haven't found one. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa, Aubrey looks so cute in the nighgrown. Mickey has so much buying clothes for the grandchildren. They have such cute things now for both.
Grandma Calderwood

Marisa said...

Lisa your hair grows so fast! At least twice as fast as mine. I can't believe you guys are almost out of Baltimore, so exciting!