Monday, July 18, 2016

More summer fun!

It's crazy that summer is half way over. We have been trying to maximize our time this summer and have been trying to get out multiple times a week. I went out boating with the Remunds one night and I got the kids out on the surf board. Tucker really enjoys it. He can even surf without holding the rope now.

Aubrey was a little less sure of herself out there and was afraid that I was going to run into the boat.

Cole loved it. He was hooting and hollering and having the time of his life.

Every year Lisa's family gets tickets to the Oakley Rodeo. We went up on July second to the cabin and spent the day up there, then went and had a fun evening at the rodeo. Good old fashioned red neck fun.

The next day we drove up to where my parents and my sister's family were camping. It was a beautiful weekend to be in the mountains. We did some four wheeling and the kids had fun shooting their BB guns at the camp.

I love the scenery up there.

We did some dutch oven chicken and potatoes for dinner that night. Here's my dad working his magic for a delicious dinner.

The kids and I have been exploring all the roads and trails back up Snake Creek Canyon. It's been fun to find new corners and surprises.

We found this old engine outside an abandoned mine. It is huge.

The evenings up there are so beautiful.

We went one evening up there and explored an old mine. It was only a 70 yard shaft that went straight in and straight out, but the kids still thought it was quite cool.

The wildflowers up there are so pretty right now. Go check them out if you haven't yet.

We even took one really rough and gnarly road all the way to the back. We ended up on a ridge that overlooks Brighton ski resort and Lake Mary. What a view!

A week ago my dad and I headed up on Saturday to our elk hunting area to set up the trail cams for his elk hunt. He drew out this year on the limited entry rifle hunt and we are so excited to get him in on a big bull. It was a fun morning hiking around with my old man.

On our way up and out of a really steep canyon we spotted a momma golden eagle sitting on her eggs in a nest. I only had my cell phone to take a photo unfortunately. If I would have had my telephoto lens you would have been able to see it better. It was so fun to sit and watch her through our binoculars for awhile.