Monday, July 18, 2016

Boston Trip!

This past weekend was the annual AGD convention in Boston. I was receiving my Fellowship award and traveled out there for the awards ceremonies. For those that don't know what the Fellowship award is, basically it's an award that is designed for dentists to be able to distinguish themselves from their peers. Only about 15% of general dentists earn it. To qualify for it you need to complete over 500 hours of continuing education. To put that in perspective, in Utah the minimum amount of CE required is 16 hours a year. It would take you 30 years of doing the minimum to accomplish that. In addition to the CE you need to pass a very rigorous written exam. It was a tough test, but thankfully I passed my first try. I gave myself a personal goal several years ago to get this award as a way to keep pushing myself in dentistry to learn more and improve.

I flew out on Wednesday, but before leaving I did my weekly morning boating session with the guys. It was another fantastic sunrise. They caught this sweet photo of me spraying it up with the sun behind me.

After the session at the lake, I headed off to work for the day. I caught a late flight to Boston and didn't get to my hotel until about 1:30 in the morning. The classes on Thursday were fairly boring unfortunately. It was weird being at this convention all alone. Lisa would almost always go to these with me. Also, when I passed my exam last fall, Lisa and I were planning on going to this together so that she could celebrate in the award with me since she was supporting me by my side every step of the way through my dental career. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but I'm certain she was smiling down on me from heaven.
Thursday night I went out to dinner at a nearby restaurant and had the most divine meal. Lobster tails and steak. Wow. That hit the spot.

After dinner I had a small opening before I had to attend a reception, so I took a walk over to the Charles River and enjoyed the views of the sail boats on the water.

Friday's classes were better thankfully. That evening I met up with my good friends from dental school, the Kuzmaks, for dinner. Lyndsay was receiving her Fellowship award as well. It was so fun catching up with them.

Saturday was the big day for the awards ceremony. The AGD treats this as a big deal and you wear the caps and gowns and go through all the pomp and procession of a normal graduation.

Of the 250 recipients of the award I was randomly assigned to sit right next to another friend from dental school, Kyle Marshall. We had a good time laughing and chatting during the two hour ceremony. It made it much more enjoyable sitting next to him.

My friends the Kuzmak's snapped this photo of me as I was being presented with my award.

I flew back home on Sunday, and after a long day of travel it was so good to be back home with the kids. Thankfully they missed me and were excited to have me back home. Now that I have earned my Fellowship, it's time to set some more dental goals.


Sarah said...

What an accomplishment with all you've been through the last few years. Fantastic job!