Sunday, June 5, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

I took the kids camping down in the San Rafael Swell along with my parents over Memorial Day Weekend. It was a fun camping trip surrounded by tremendous beauty. The kids and I arrived a couple of hours before my parents and set up camp. It rained pretty hard on us as we were driving in, so we got fairly muddy. The rain storm did provide some beautiful rainbows though.

Our campsite had some amazing views. We could see Temple mountain to the north east.

To the straight east was a beautiful view of where the Swell rises up above the desert floor.

And to the south of us was a deep canyon where the kids loved to play, throw rocks and chase lizards.

It was nice seeing them all play together and collaborate so much on what they were going to do next. Most of the time they played very well. There were only a few fights and tears. I even had to put a stop to a rock fight that had just erupted at one point where Tucker and Aubrey were standing at the top of the cliff throwing rocks down at Blake and Cole in the canyon. Not such a good idea.

I camped in a tent while the kids stayed in my parents trailer with them.

 Here's a cool view of Temple Mountain at sunset.

The kids ended up catching a couple of lizards, though I only let them keep one to take home as a pet. We now have two pet lizards. I make weekly visits to the local pet store to buy crickets.

Most of the weekend was very sunny and quite warm. It felt good to get out of the cold rainy weather we had been having most of May at home. My dad rigged up this umbrella while he relaxed on the edge of the cliff enjoying his view.

The kids made up all sorts of games while sitting on the edge of the cliff throwing rocks.

We are so blessed to live so close to the beautiful red rock country. The kids and I love to go there frequently in the Spring and Fall.