Sunday, May 22, 2016

Another clogging season in the books (also soccer is done).

Last night was the final performance this season for Blake and Aubrey with their clogging. It was Aubrey's third year performing and Blake's first. Blake loved it and Lisa was so happy to have a son who enjoyed clogging. Aubrey is Lisa's little clone when it comes to clogging. Aubrey is always practicing her dance moves wherever she is. Whether in her room, in the shower, at the store, everywhere.
They both did wonderful this year at their competitions and won many awards. Last weekend was the nationals competition at Lagoon. When Aubrey's team performed their dance it was wonderful how you could feel Lisa was there smiling down on Aubrey. It brought me to tears (along with many other clogging moms who recognized it as well).

We also finally finished another soccer season. I didn't get very many photos because we had all 4 kids playing and that often meant 3-4 kids playing at the same time, so I was bouncing around from field to field. A big thanks to my parents for making the trek up twice a week to help me out with those soccer nights.

For Aubrey's final game her teammates and their moms got some flowers and a stuffed bear for Aubrey to show her how much they loved her and were there for her. The kids missed their two previous games because of Lisa's funeral and then when we left for Lake Powell.