Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pasco Thanksgiving

 We decided to drive up to my sister's house this year for Thanksgiving. They just opened a restaurant and weren't going to have family around so we thought we would go ahead and visit. Heather just found out she's expecting a baby girl and we are all excited for a new cousin in the family. After we made the decision to drive to Washington my parents decided to go and my younger brother Spencer too. Dan's Mom flew up as well and we had a big Thanksgiving dinner at their BBQ joint, Dickey's, in Kennewick.

Waiting for dinner to be done.

 We had most of the usual spread plus ham. It was nice for Heather to not have it at their house. And we still were able to take all the leftovers home.
 Dan was back and forth from the store prepping the meat with help from Cody. The best part for the kids was the ice cream. We made lots of desserts and football games were on all the tvs.
 Love my sister.
I did some black Friday shopping with my parents on Thanksgiving (yes I'm one of those shoppers) and a little more on Friday. It was awesome. Tri-Cities doesn't have the crowds that Utah and Salt Lake counties have. The parking lots weren't full and I got everything that I set out to get. Even at Target. I was amazed and happy. 

We had a fun vacation, the kids played well with their cousins and the food was delicious. Much to be thankful for.