Monday, December 15, 2014

Aubrey clogging competition

Aubrey competed at the Autumnfest clogging competition in Provo. I was was more nervous than she was. I helped work on her freestyle with her and we curled her hair so that it was perfectly bouncy and ready to go. She looked stage ready! Part of the reason I was nervous for her was that I knew all the judges. They were all my dance friends from growing up. My clogging teacher was in the crowd and she was dancing against her friends too. Again, she wasn't nervous, just excited. I reminded her to smile and have fun and she found her teacher and got in line. 
 She did great and her hair bounced along in time to the beat!

Aubrey and her cute friend Polly both placed 1st at their first competition! I was so proud of both of them.
 Here they are with their teachers!
I'm not sure if the link to her dancing will work, the dropbox file said it was too big to load and I'm not sure how to convert it to an youtube file. Any thoughts? I didn't film it, I had a friend send it to me via dropbox.