Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Tucker's First Pinewood Derby was held the day after his birthday. That made him a Bear. With our ward split early in the year he didn't get to do one as a Wolf. I am the Bear Den Leader in our Memorial Hill ward, so it was fun to have him participate as a member of our den. Cody helped him shape his car and Tucker was in charge of designing the car. He asked for all my paints and made it very colorful. 
Here it looks like Tucker is talking strategy with his buddy Laker.
 It was a night of pure excitement. I caught him jumping in excitement as a car, probably his, raced down the track.
 Only the men were allowed to place the cars on the track.
 Tucker took 2nd place of all the boys. He never lost a race, but because the races are timed, the boy that won had a car that raced faster.
 He felt great with the result because his best friend placed first. They were cheering each other on the entire time. After the official races were over, they raced their cars over and over and Tucker's car beat Kyle's once, so they both felt like winners! They both received the same prize and are happy!
This is one of the extra races the boys did at the end of the derby. Tucker's is in the middle.