Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back in School

Back to school happened for Tucker and Aubrey the day after we got back from Lake Powell. Tucker is now in 3rd grade with Mrs. Knight. He is lucky and has a bunch of his friends in his class. Aubrey is in 2nd grade dual immersion and has Tucker's teacher from last year as her English teacher and a new Spanish teacher. I suppose she'll always have a new Spanish teacher since her grade is the highest dual immersion class.
  These pictures I took the morning of picture day. I only buy the class picture but wanted to show how cute they looked before they went to school. Tucker had cried a little because his pants were too big, but we got them adjusted and he was fine for school, that's why his eyes look red.

Cole started kindergarten a couple days before Labor Day. He is also in dual immersion and is doing well. He tells me the new word or words he learns in Spanish like Oso=Bear and Tigre=Tiger. He can already count to 40 in Spanish and he's made a bunch of new friends. We are working on being responsible. One morning he forgot to bring his backpack and as the kids were getting out of the car he asked me where it was. I told him it was his job to bring it and not mine. We had to go home to grab it and he was late for class. It's hard to get mad at him with that adorable grin and those dimples!

Blake started preschool after Labor Day. He is in 3 days a week at Sunshine Circle. It is our 6th year with the preschool. He has 2 teachers that take turns. Miss Jenny and Melissa. Aubrey had Miss Melissa before. They both have privately told me before what a great student Blake is. He is a wonderful student and Melissa told me that Blake is her favorite. That is such a great thing for a parent to hear! We've been on a field trip to Heehaw farm and half of Blake's class are our friends and neighbors.

Miss Melissa, Me, Blake, Tracy and Ryssa