Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend trip to Victor

Last weekend we had regional conference instead of our normal sacrament meeting so we decided to head up to Victor for the weekend to visit my cousins.  We drove up on Friday and stayed with my cousin Jayson.  His two younger kids are the same age as our kids, and they were instantly buddies. Our kids really enjoyed playing with Jayson's massive great Dane dog Odin and playing the xbox with is kids.  They had a huge sleep over in the living room, and Blake and Creed slept in the same bed.

I went with Jayson to the high school football game that Friday night and got to chat with my cousin Zane and his wife Betsy while at the game.  It was a fun fall evening at the game.
The next day Jayson had to take Caleb to Rigby for his football game, so Lisa and I decided to go visit some of our other family members.  We went next door and had a good, long conversation with my Uncle Jay and Aunt Joan.  It was so fun catching up with them and chatting.  Then we went and visited with my cousin Clint and his wife Lori.  They have grand kids about the same age as our kids so they had some fun toys for Aubrey and Blake to play with.

Once Jayson and Caleb returned from the game Saturday afternoon we headed over to Teton National Park and did some hiking and site seeing with the kids.  The Tetons are, in my opinion, the most beautiful and photogenic mountains in the world.  The weather was awesome for the day excursion.

We took a boat across Jenny's Lake to the other side and hiked back.  Here's a picture of Jayson and his daughter Tyler.

Tucker loved playing and hanging out with Jayson's son Caleb.  The two are about the same age.

On our hike back we encountered a cow moose just off the trail.  The kids got to stand within about 10 feet of her while she was eating.

The scenery was spectacular that day.

After a fun day in the park we headed back into Jackson Hole and went to the candy store.  Boy did that make the kids day.  On the way back to the car we got the traditional photo next to the antler arch.

On our way back to Jayson's house we stopped to take our photo next to the street sign where my dad grew up.  Calderwood Road.  Yup, that's officially it's name.

That night Jayson, Anne, Lisa and I went into Driggs and had dinner at a great Thai food restaurant.  Jayson wasn't lying when he said it was really good food.  Thanks for the recommendation!
Sunday morning we packed up and decided to head home.  On our way out we stopped off at my other cousin Tresha's house and visited with her for a while.  Blake and Cole really had fun petting and playing with her dog.  On the way out of town, I took this photo of the Teton's from the Idaho side.  So gorgeous.

We drove through Rexburg so that Lisa could go by the temple and her old apartment again.

While it was a quick trip, it was a fun one that we all enjoyed.  We need to be better at taking trips up to the valley even if they are just short ones like this.  Here's to more in the future!