Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Park City Mountain Resort adventures

A couple weeks ago we were gifted 6 VIP passes to the slides and park stuff at PCMR by a vendor in town that I do business with.  Well, actually Lisa was gifted them because the owner knows of her and thinks she's awesome.  Which she is.  
We decided to put them to use two Saturdays ago when the weather was absolutely perfect for the rides.  We had an awesome day together as a family.  The kids really enjoyed all the cool rides there. We started out with the alpine coaster.  None of the kids were tall enough to ride by themselves so Lisa and I had to switch up riding with them.  Cole enjoyed how fast it was.

While Lisa and I took Tucker and Aubrey, Cole and Blake waited on the bench.  They were looking so cute together in this photo.

At one point there is a camera that takes your photo.  We would always pull funny faces with our kids.  We didn't buy any of the photos, but I did manage to sneak a shot of this photo from their monitor.

After several times going down the alpine coaster we then went to the bungee jump on the tramps.  We all had fun doing flips.  Lisa was showing off her skills.

Tucker got the hang of it really quickly and looked like a pro.

Aubrey didn't want to be out done by her brother so she was quickly doing her flips too.

Even little Cole got in on the fun.  Blake was unfortunately too small to do this one, but he enjoyed watching.

Then we took the chair lift up to go do the alpine slide.  The colors were starting to peak and added to the beauty that day.

After a round at the alpine slide we went to the blow up slide and the rock climbing wall.

Then we took the kids over to the airplane ride that reminded us so much of Lagoon.  It was cool because they were the only ones on the ride at the moment.

Then we played a round of miniature golf.  That was quite an adventure watching them try to golf.

Then we finished the day off with one final ride down the alpine slide.  Lisa totally caught up to Tucker and Aubrey on the way down.  Those little midgets didn't quite weigh enough to get the good speeds that we adults do.
It was a great day and I highly recommend going for anyone that lives in the area.


Katie said...

I wanna go!!!!!!! this all looks like so much fun.