Sunday, September 21, 2014

BYU vs. Houston

Last week Lisa and I decided to buy some of the extra tickets available for the BYU vs Houston football game that was held on Thursday night.  We love to take our kids to sporting events, and decided that this would be a great evening for Tucker and Aubrey to attend.  I have season tickets with my dad, so I bought four extra tickets for Lisa, Tucker, Aubrey and Lisa's mom to attend.

We arrived early to enjoy the pre-game festivities and get some fun concession food at the stadium.  I won a water bottle from the Marines booth for doing 15 pull ups.  Hoo rah!

LES is such a beautiful stadium in the fall.  It's a great game atmosphere.

The game was played on September 11th so BYU decided to do a bunch of special tributes in memory of 9-11.  The opening had this HUGE flag that covered the entire field.  The BYU players held the flag on one side while the Houston players held it on the other.  This is the view from Lisa's seats.

Here's the view from my seat.

They also had a bunch of video messages from BYU fans who are serving over seas in Afghanistan and Iraq.  They even had one really emotional moment where a serviceman was sending his greetings to his family via video that they played on the jumbotron.  His wife and young daughter were on the field watching the message.  Then at the end of the message he ran on to the field, much to their surprise.  He wasn't scheduled to come home until December, so they were shocked. It was quite touching.

At one point the entire East stand helped to display a couple of cool messages.

It was a fun night, BYU won, and Lisa was able to meet up with her cousin Lindsay who is attending BYU.