Monday, May 26, 2014

Soccer Season

This year we were feeling brave and we signed up the three older kids for rec league soccer.  It got quite crazy at times when we would have three games on three different fields.  Lisa and I would have to split our time between the fields cheering the kids on.  
Tucker really enjoys soccer, and has gotten quite good at it.  He typically scored a couple of goals a game this year.  He's fun to watch.

Cole loves to be active and playing outside, no matter what he's doing, so he really had a great time with soccer this year.  He's still at the age where they haven't quite grasped the concept of how the game is played.  That's just fine though by us.

After taking a year off from soccer to do dance, Aubrey pleaded with us to put her back in soccer this spring.  She was so happy to be able to play again.  She grew and progressed quite a bit as the season went along.  I was always so proud of how much she hustled and ran everywhere.

She was on a team with a few of her neighborhood friends, which made it even more fun for her.  She was a joy to watch during her games this year.  

Next year we get to sign up Blake and then we'll have four kids playing soccer.  Heaven help us.

On a side note, my cousin Jaron just had a little girl, Devri, that is so adorable.  We went by their house and met her when they brought her home.  Welcome to the family Devri!