Thursday, May 8, 2014

Aubrey's 7th birthday

Cody mentioned that Aubrey celebrated her birthday while we were in Moab. 2nd year in a row. She loves it. We let her open presents throughout the day. She received a mini flirty apron.

 Got to go hiking.
 We made her a Funfetti birthday cake with pink frosting in the trailer oven. We went into Moab to a local ice cream shop to eat cake and ice cream with our cousins that came along.
 It was very windy, and this was the only shot of all the candles lit. She didn't even get to blow them out, a gust took them out immediately after.

 Rainbow looms are huge in school right now. Tucker and her make creations all the time.
 The day after we returned from our trip I took Aubrey to Paint My Piggies for a Mom/daughter glitter toes/fingers day. They last a long time. My toes are all still fully painted a month later.

The favorite gift by far had to be Frozen. She also received The Little Mermaid because the copy we have is scratched and it's my favorite Disney movie.
This girl seems to always have a smile on her face. She is positive happy and I'm glad so many people call her my mini me. She's a great sister/Mom and good student. Hija del feliz cumpleaƱos!