Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Randoms

This picture reminds me of a primary song. I've changed the words just a bit. 
"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, glad as I can be. Clap my hands and shout for joy as the kids climb up his knee. They put their arms around his neck. Hug him tight like this. Gouge his eyes and give him what?! A great big kiss!"
I've definitely got myself a keeper. Wrestling is a daily activity in our house and Aubrey is not one to be left out. Without getting too sentimental, I just have to say that my husband is a rock star. My rock and shoulder to cry on and he helps keep me positive about my diagnosis and reminds me that I am missing part of my brain when I forget things. I have more and more short term memory loss lately. He might not be what my Mom pictured me marrying back in college, but I know I made the right decision. Love ya babe! 
Newlyweds summer of 2003.

 Every year the Tour of Utah rides through Midway on our Main street. Think of the Tour De France on a much smaller scale. It's always on a Sunday afternoon. We get out of church at noon, so we walked out to Main street in time for all the riders to pass by. Traffic is cleared from the road and stopped in all directions. Some years race vehicles will stop and give us noise makers and other items to cheer the bikers on. Not this year, although one of the bikers did toss his water bottle at our crew and Tucker happily grabbed it and treasures it.
 Here they come.
 The breakaways came first and then the peloton.
 This is the peloton.
 Then the stragglers come through, but we didn't wait around for them. We watched with our friends/neighbors. It's a fun annual event to watch.
 Mid August I took the kids to get their back to school hair cuts. Cole cut his own hair, so he has a more buzzed look, but the other 3 received professional cuts. I never gel or spike my boys hair, so this is all the hair dressers doing. They receive suckers if they are good. My kids are great!
 Aubrey hadn't even had a hair trim in well over a year so I had 4 inches cut off her hair. She was a little worried, but it's still long and beautiful.
 Tucker likes the spiked faux hawk look. He looks so grown up now that he's missing his 2 front teeth. His bottom 2 teeth are adult teeth and fill in the gap.
 Fire season has been around and there was one night where the moon was bright red/orange from all the smoke. My camera sort of shows it.