Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scouting for a trophy

I put a trail cam next to a spring in the area where I am going elk hunting next month in an effort to better learn the elk movement patterns and see what is in the area.  It is a motion sensor camera that uses infra red at night to capture the night photos.  It's been a ton of fun hiking in to the camera and checking the SD card with Tucker and Aubrey.  I recently went up and retrieved the camera one last time for the year and came away with some cool photos.  I had over 2,000 photos in all, but I narrowed it down to some of the funner/cooler ones.
I've seen this mutant bull a few times up there.  He has a normal antler on his left side, but his right side is all sorts of jacked up.

I got tons of photos of younger bulls, but not many of bulls that I would want to shoot.

This young bull was curious and was sniffing and checking out my camera.

I really liked this photo because it appears as if the bull is bugling.

This cow elk (pictured in the photo that is all blurred) is the culprit for knocking my camera down.  It was being held onto the tree with a strap and a separate bike chain locking it to the tree.  This cow apparently ate the strap, causing the camera to fall to the ground.

This cow appears to be calling.

I got a few cool photos of this bear.

Some fog rolled in one morning and I captured this neat photo of some cows and calves in the fog.

This coyote wandered by.

And this cow moose hung out at the spring for about an hour plus and took up a ton of the memory on my card.
Only one more month until my hunt.  I can't wait.