Thursday, September 5, 2013

Elk Scouting/Camping

As most of you know, Cody has been scouting and camping for his perfect elk spot all summer long. We finally went as a family and towed the trailer up to his spot. I really don't know where it is, except that it's south of Strawberry Reservoir and North of Soldier Summit. It take just about 2 hours to get there. With all the wood that we now have thanks to Cody's lumberjack skills, we had awesome bonfires nightly. The kids were super excited to help build and light the fires.
 Always a happy camper when you get to run around and get dirty all day.
 Couldn't resist a sweet picture of my baby.
 Tucker is all about trees these days. He's informed me several times that when he grows up he is going to live in a tree before he buys a house. He'll fish on a river and have his tree fort. Unfortunately for him, our trees will be big enough to climb by the time he a dad. His kids and grandkids can benefit from them.
 Cody gave him a pocketknife and he spent lots of time making sharp sticks.

 Instead of dutch ovening like we usually do, we busted out the camp chef and had BBQ chicken.
 Cody's parents came and brought their 4 wheeler so we had lots to do.
I've been training for my marathon all summer and did a 7 mile downhill run Saturday morning. It wasn't too bad and I got to my finish point just as Cody drove up to pick me up. Trailer camping is nice because I was able to go back and take a shower.