Monday, March 25, 2013

Ski Day at Deer Valley

Tucker and Aubrey had school off today, so I previously scheduled to close my office in order to take them skiing.  I had 4 tickets left for Deer Valley this season that we needed to use, so we made a great day out of it.  We started the morning off with the amazing french toast at Kneaders for our breakfast.  So delicious.

It's quite the chore getting little kids dressed and geared up for skiing.  After what seemed like 15 minutes in the parking lot, we were finally ready to go ride up on the gondola.

Tucker and Lisa sitting in the gondola.

Aubrey and me.

We decided that Aubrey still needed to get her ski legs back under her so we headed over to the magic carpet ride for a few runs until she got warmed up.

They had these gates and hoops for the kids to ski through.  Aubrey started getting back in a groove in no time.

Lisa and I had fun ducking under each one as we followed the kids.

Once we were convinced that Aubrey was ready to go we headed up on the mountain.  Tucker is still a great skier and does blues and double blues with no problem so he had fun playing around with the magic carpet runs.  

Aubrey still struggled with turning and making the wide s-turns on the mountain.  It took us a couple of runs until we figured out some terms that she could understand.  When I finally started to tell her to go sideways, it's like the light went on in her head.  After that she was great.

Lisa in her new puffy coat she bought this winter.  We have finally outfitted her sufficiently so that she doesn't feel cold when we go skiing.  That, in my opinion, is quite the accomplishment.  Ever since her brain tumor surgery, she is always cold.  Well, I shouldn't say always, because she was quite warm and comfy today with her snazzy coat.

Tucker doesn't like any wind in his face so he pulls his neck gator up to cover every last square inch of his face. He's kind of a funny sight.

Here are a couple of family photos with half of our children.  Next year we will start Cole.  And then a year or two after that we will be ready for Blake.  I'm excited for the day when we can go skiing with all of our children.  And I'm even more excited for the day when all of our kids can keep up with us.  It's been something I've been looking forward to for a long time.  Some of my favorite memories growing up were of ski days with my whole family.

As you can tell from the photos, the weather and temperatures were great.  I was afraid it was going to be spring skiing conditions, but with the storms over the weekend and the low temps, it felt like prime winter skiing to us.  A gorgeous blue bird day on the mountain.  Not much more you can ask for.


Laurel said...

I had a hard time getting through the post because I just kept scrolling up to look at that french toast! YUM. And the sk day looks fantastic too! I am jealous of all of your free passes!