Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Over Valentine's day weekend, I took Lisa with me down to Scottsdale, Arizona for my dental course.  My brother Carson and I have been attending courses at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry that are taught by the amazing Dr. Frank Spear.  For any of you dentists out there looking for some CE credits, I highly, highly recommend his courses.  I have learned and improved a lot through them.  Anyway, Carson and I decided to treat our wives to an awesome weekend and took them with us.  The weather couldn't have been better.  It was sunny, warm and wonderful.  Here is a cool photo of one of the sunsets we had.

On Valentine's Day we met up with Lisa's friend Jen Roper and went out to dinner with her and her husband.  Jen grew up a few streets away from where Lisa did and she has the same type of brain tumor that Lisa has.  She is 8 months behind Lisa in treatment, so they have been a great support team for each other as they have gone through this trying ordeal.  It was great for me to meet Jen and her husband Matt in person.

Here is a picture of my brother squinting in the bright Arizona sunshine.  He's from Seattle, so you'll have to cut him some slack.  It's been a ton of fun going to courses with him.  I think I want to make it an annual tradition to go to some CE course with him.
While we were in classes, the wives got to hang by the pool and go get a mani-pedi and do some shopping.  It was a well deserved break for them.

 Friday night we went out to dinner with Carson and Marisa to Malee's Thai Bistro for some delicious Thai food.  It was a great evening out with them.

Saturday morning we had the privilege of meeting up with one of our best friends, Mike Dyer.  His job recently transferred him from Texas to Arizona.  We went out to breakfast with him and then strolled around Bass Pro Shop with him while catching up.  It was so fun seeing him again.

Driving around Arizona and seeing all the cacti reminded me so much of the time I spent on my mission in Sonora, Mexico.  It brought back a lot of great memories.


Marisa said...

That was fun, I loved the area and that Thai restaurant and the good company and the sunshine!!