Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ski Day

One of my patients sold me some Deer Valley tickets for $30 a piece this past week (normally $83). I bought 4 of them and was stoked to go skiing for so cheap. Yesterday my dad and I went up to use two of them. It was an amazing day. We started out with some fresh powder from the storm that blew in the night before. Once we rode the lifts to the top, we were above the clouds and had gorgeous sunshine along with some fantastic views of the Uintas and the surrounding valleys (click on photos to enlarge and appreciate the detail).

A photo of me and my helmet. If you watch me ski, you would know why I cherish that helmet. I have to protect my melon.

This shot of my dad shows the valley where we live in the background. As a bird flies we are only a few miles from the resort.

At about 1:00 some clouds rolled in and the large, heavy snow flakes started falling. It made for some very scenic, enjoyable skiing for the last few hours of the day.


The Bodily's said...

Glad you had such a great day! We should all hit Beaver's last day-like the good ol days. We had a fun time with the exception of Hollie breaking her elbow and having surgery last night! Talk to you soon!

Preston said...

So I guess the helmet is important because you crash a lot? That doesn't seem like much fun at all! If you keep going, one day you might be able to make it down the mountain.

Stef said...

good to see you guys and awesome pics!

Brian said...

I remember back in the day your parents tought me how to ski. I think I was 14 or so and it was for a YM activity. We went up to Brighton for night skiing. Good memories. I don't remember if I ever told them "thank you" so maybe you could do that for me.