Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve today. Our friends the Buckwalters invited us over for a breakfast with 5 other couples in our ward whom we are also friends with. (4 of us happen to be in the primary presidency together.)

We had a sing-a-long after eating and one of the guys (David McConkie) played his saxophone to the tunes.
They had sugar cookie decorating for the kids and man, my kids LOVE frosting!
I realized today that we don't have any pictures with people we know from Colorado except our friends the Christensens. So, we took a few group photos for us to remember them by. (Rachel, Debra, me, Ruth, Elijah, Emily, Lara, and Ramona.) It's too bad that we are leaving now that we are finally getting to be better friends with these families.
Tonight we were invited over to dinner at our friends house the McConkies. After eating we reenacted the nativity. I played Mary for the first half and then relinquished my role after baby Jesus was born. Tucker is Nephi - from the 1st Nephi 11 scripture.
The McConkies are an extremely talented musical family and we sang songs around the piano and listened to fabulous performances. After that, we brought the kids home and put them in their new pajamas. Tucker wanted to start unwrapping presents right away.
The milk and cookies have been set out and the kids are in bed. Now if Santa can only find his way through all the packing boxes...
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


Kevin said...

I'm amazed you found time to throw up this post tonight. We'll miss not being able to see you guys tomorrow. We'll call you...Merry Christmas!

Sharlyn said...

This is Leah's cousin Sharlyn (we had a class together at BYU). I was just looking through some of Leah's blogs tonight and saw your pictures and had to comment because my sister-in-law (Debra) and niece (Rachel) were in one of your pictures! You guys must be in the same ward...what a small world! Good Luck with the move!