Thursday, December 17, 2015


This year we volunteered to host Thanksgiving at our house. It was a Calderwood year in terms of who we would be eating with since we drove up to Pasco last year and spent the holiday with my family. My parents were going to be alone with Spencer so we invited them up as well. We have a great hosting space and fit well, so a few extra people actually is nice when splitting up the meal. We cooked the turkey and made the gravy and the sweet potato casserole. I received a delicious recipe from a friend in Maryland years ago that I get compliments on year after year. Even my Grandma thinks it's good, so it's a keeper!
Cerola brought this fun tablecloth for the kinds table that had activities and coloring for the kids to stay busy. Ironically, the 2 Grandma's are shown in the picture. 
 Aubrey and I got up and ran Midway's annual 5K Turkey Trot. I stayed with her and we finished in about 37 minutes. Not bad for not training and being 21 degrees outside. We were freezing and ready for the hot chocolate waiting for us inside town hall. We took hot showers and helped finish getting the house ready for our house guests set to arrive by 1:00. Cody's turkey was amazing as was the rest of our meal.

After the meal we enjoyed some football on tv.

The tryptophan from the turkey was kicking in some people decided to kick back and grab a power nap.

There was even some wrestling later on.

 My parents brought up their ukulele and my Dad and Aubrey played some duets for us. I bought a newspaper earlier and we all looked through the Black Friday ads for some good deals. There wasn't anything worth going out late or early. Friday afternoon we drove down to Salt Lake and did a little shopping at Scheels and picked up a couple items when the crowds weren't bad.
Saturday Mickey and Cerola met us at our house in the morning and we celebrated Cerola's birthday and drove up Lake Creek and cut down our Christmas tree. I stood in line a month earlier to buy my permit at Soldier Hollow. The tree isn't as full as we typically get, but it's still a good one, nice and tall.