Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Time Fun

It's been a fun and busy summer.  We seem to always be on the move and going somewhere and doing something fun with the kids.  Here are a few of the recent photos of our adventures.

Lisa mentioned earlier that we found a young male peacock in our yard.  The kids thought he was the coolest thing ever.

We went to a Deer Valley summer concert series with a bunch of my friends from high school.

Lisa got us some tickets to go on a date to the demolition derby.  That was a riot.

We went boating with the Ashursts at Deer Creek.

 I bought a fire pit for our back yard and the kids love, love, love roasting marshmallows in it now.

We hooked up the trailer and went for a quick overnighter near our house.

I took the kids deer/elk spotting.

We found this four point buck and watched him and his buddies for a while through the spotting scope.  He was a long ways off.

Heather came up to spend the night and brought her two boys.  The cousins loved being together.

After dinner we went in our backyard and made s'mores.  This is me teasing Austin about his typical photo pose.  He's such a funny boy.  He always sticks his tongue out when you try to get him to smile for a photo.

The two sisters.

Then we went to Yuba reservoir for Saturday afternoon with Heather and the boys and my cousin Jaron and his family.  We had a lot of awesome memories going to this lake when we were kids.  The beaches are so fun and are the perfect sand for kids to play in.

Jaron's son Winston is fearless.  This was his first time ever on a boat.  When we asked who want to go first on the tube he jumped up and volunteered without hesitating.  We got him some good air.

After some of the kids, then Jaron and I took turns showing Lisa how you really go tubing.  She was always under the impressions that tubing was a mellow activity and that you typically stayed between the wakes.  Jaron and I showed her how you can get whipping around the sides, catch some big air, and really make it more exciting and thrilling.

Blake took a turn on the tube.

I managed to dump Jaron off the tube.  It was so fun watching him out there working his mojo.

It's crazy for me to believe that summer is coming to an end, and that the kids go back to school next week.  We have a couple more trips left, but what a fun summer it's been.


Sarah said...

Lisa!! You really DO look tan! I guess I need to get a boat to help my tan out ;)