Sunday, August 3, 2014

Grant Family Reunion 2014

The Grant Reunion was held at the Reid Ranch for who knows, probably the 25th time. It would be a fun number to figure out. I loved it growing up and it's fun to watch my kids enjoy the activities that I did. The pool, archery, sports court, horses, camp fire and the additions that have come over the years like mini golf, rockets, and the crafts that the cousins bring along. Blake celebrated his 4th birthday there this year, so I took this picture our first night, his last night being 3!
Aubrey enjoying the pool. As a teenager, I lived for the pool and every chance I could get to try and catch some rays to get tan. I typically left every year a with a nice sunburn. My fair skin and red hair combo left me with red skin not brown. Because we purchased our boat and have been out on the lake so much, I actually received many compliments on how tan I looked. My teenage dreams are finally coming true! I never even got in the pool, although my kids did several times a day! I supervised a couple times.
 My cousins wife brought some face paint and the kids stood in line for her artistic skills. Zombie Cole.
 Butterfly Aubrey.
 Parachute Man Blake.
 All of my kids excelled in archery, even Blake. I wasn't  sure he could even pull the string back, but the nice ranch workers found a bow his size and taught him. Aubrey shot some bulls eyes. Little Merida (Disney movie) right there. I didn't lug my nice camera around, just my cell phone, so I don't have pictures of it.
 The kids can only be led around on the ponies until they turn 12.
 My Mom and Cole found this woodpecker hurt on a log while we were walking back and forth from the ranch house to the horses.
 The Birthday Boy! Spoiled all day long!
 There were a few other groups at the ranch the weekend we were there, so it was loud and busy during mealtimes.
 Blake opened up presents throughout the day. He received some fun toys from our family, he was opening a traveling matching game from Grandma and Grandpa Foster.
 The cook at the ranch made the birthday kids (3 birthdays on 7-11) this yummy dessert with vanilla ice cream and donuts around it.
 More presents.
 Daddy drove up after work and brought this awesome square balloon. It clipped to his belt loop, but when Blake walked outside, it came off and we watched the balloon fly up and over Tabby mountain. Sad for Blake.
 But we busted out his amazing birthday mini cupcakes that I had made. I get more and more less creative every year! I just can't one up my sister Heather with her robot cake she made for cousin Ethan!
 Our baby is growing up! He has one more year of preschool and then all the kids will be in elementary school together.


Sarah said...

What a fun reunion. Blake is such a cutie. Happy Birthday to him! Oh, and your birth story of him still kills me. You are super woman ;)