Thursday, February 20, 2014

World Cup Aerials

In honor of the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, I present you this post from our adventures last month at the World Cup Aerials and Moguls competition at Deer Valley.  As a family we have been loving following the olympics.  Tucker is convinced he want's to do aerials and freestyle slope so that he can jump like them.
As I mentioned, last month we went up to Deer Valley to catch the last stop on the world cup tour before the olympics.  We took the kids up with us.  We hadn't done this since before Lisa's tumor, so we were excited to make it back up there.
You get to ride the ski lift up to the jumps.  Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, but hey, it was night.  Lisa and Aubrey and Cole jumped on one chair lift together.

And Blake, Tucker and I took the next one.

Once you got to the top of the chair lift you had to hike a little ways to get to the action.

The moguls were set to compete the next night, but the course was all lit up and some people were practicing.

We got to watch the aerials.  It was crowded up top so I had to put the kids on my shoulders to see.  I would alternate two at a time.

Here is some video of one of the jumpers.  It's so impressive what they can do.

After the first round of jumping was over, we took off, but not before the kids found a sledding spot and had some fun.

It's so fun living so close to all of the skiing action and being able to see these kinds of competitions for free.  We love it.