Friday, December 20, 2013


Tucker, Aubrey and I began our Thanksgiving Day running the Midway 5K Turkey Trot. Aubrey did awesome like usual. Tucker was rocking it at first, and then got tired and cold. It was a very cold morning and they weren't properly dressed. Bad Mom. I let Aubrey run ahead and stayed with Tucker through the finish. I believe he has some exercise induced asthma like me. He was wheezing alongside me the entire time. He finished, we each received our hot chocolate, bagel and came home to shower and get ready for dinner. 
This is the first year in many years that we didn't host Thanksgiving at our house. We had dinner at my parents house. My sister and her boys were in town, my brothers family, Grandparents Grant and great aunts Marion and Lois. We all pitched in and brought food so my Mom wasn't too stressed.

 My Great Aunt Marion.
 My Texas cousins were able to come for Thanksgiving. Lindsey, Kyle, Dave and Tracy.
 Lisa Marie, Kevin and Parker
 My brother on a mission sent a package home for us all to open. He bought all the adults shirts for Christmas.
 After dinner our family drove over to Cody's sisters house for dessert and time with the Calderwoods. It happened to be Cerola's birthday too. We have so much to be thankful for. Cody and I both dedicated each day in November to something we were thankful for. I could/should probably do that every day.