Friday, January 10, 2014

Tucker Wrestling

Tucker really wanted to take wrestling this year, so I signed him up for the local kids wrestling program.  It is very laid back and low key.  Every kid is a winner and they don't keep score.  It's meant to be an entry program for kids into wrestling so that they can learn some of the basics and get a feel for it.  For those that don't know, our valley is filled with die hard wrestling programs.  Our high school wrestling team has been nationally ranked, and was even in the top 5 in the country back when I was in high school.
Tucker did really well for it being his first year.  He is a quick learner, an aggressive wrestler, and loves to rough house.  I told him there are three rules when it comes to wrestling: 1-give it your all.  No loafing it or going half speed.  2- be tough.  There is no crying or whining associated with wrestling.  It is a sport that will make men out of boys in a hurry.  3- most importantly, have fun.  That's what it's all about after all, finding the fun in the sport.  
I enjoyed going to his practices and matches and helping out.  They even asked me to help coach the kids when Tucker's coach was gone or some of the high school wrestlers weren't there to help out.  It brought back some great memories of my wrestling days.
Here are a couple of videos from his last wrestling meet.  He enjoyed it so much that we are going to sign him up next week for the local freestyle wrestling club.  We have bought him some wrestling shoes and soon will get him some head gear and a singlet.  I love how excited he is for this, and I love that he enjoys some of the same things I do.