Tuesday, November 5, 2013


My cancer friend, Jen, came into town awhile back. We were able to have them over to our house for an evening. It's always great to see each other in person. Her hair is growing back and I believe she only has one more round of chemo to go. She just celebrated her 1 year cancerversary.
I took the kids up to my Grandpa's cabin for Fall Break. My Mom was able to come with us. I love that, I can actually relax and she plays with them. We drove up to Smith and Morehouse Reservoir and threw rocks into the water. It was cold and rainy.
But...beautiful with the fall colors mixed among the pine trees.
We made donuts one night and I sewed a bunch.
I made this cute owl for one of my friends daughters. I figured out how to use my embroidery machine a bit more and put the little heart on it too.

The little boys had a preschool field trip to HeeHaw Farms in American Fork. Blake asked me every day for probably a month when we were going. He was so excited when we drove up.

Cody went to California for a dental implant course with his brother for a few days last month. He leaves again tomorrow for the 2nd half of the course. I took the kids to the Zermatt to see the Scarecrow Festival.

More sewing has happened. My Etsy shop has been slow, but I was picked to be a vendor at Swiss Christmas again and have lots to stock up on.
This dinosaur was for an order placed online.
I'm still not quite caught up, but getting there.


Lisa said...

I am glad you are back sewing again! All of your towel designs are adorable!