Monday, October 14, 2013

Snake Creek Canyon

This past Saturday we took a drive up Snake Creek Canyon behind our house.  We love to go for drives back there and enjoy the scenery.  We live in such a gorgeous place and feel so lucky to have such beautiful mountains just a few minutes drive from our door step.  The aspens were fantastic that day.

We went up to a meadow where we could shoot our guns.  We took my semi-auto .22 rifle and Tuckers BB gun.  We had fun shooting water bottles and cans that we brought up.

It was some good, old fashioned red neck fun.

On a side note, I got my euro mount back from the taxidermist and hung it on the wall.  It looks great above the french doors of our office.  Lisa actually likes it as well.

We got the meat back from the butcher and our freezer now has a bunch of elk meat to keep us fed throughout the winter.  Delicious!