Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halloween Happenings

We were invited to one of Cody's high school friends house for a party the Saturday before Halloween. It was up in Kaysville. We hadn't seen most of these friends since my Running with Lisa Fun Run. Too long. Of the 5 guys that were friends, there are only 3 girls between us and the rest boys. 14 boys, 3 girls.
 Heather went all out with games for the kids, treats, dinner, etc.
 The kids were a little hopped up on candy and fun and finally sat still for a little bit and watched The Croods. They would turn to us adults and tell us to be quiet because they couldn't hear the movie.
 Spencer, Cody, Tyler and Doug. Dave couldn't make it and Joe lives out of state.
 Wives club. Amanda, Heather, me, and Jamie. These ladies are great and make me feel part of the group.
 We had a family theme going on for Halloween this year. We went hunting. We have our baby deer, mounted deer and another deer. Tucker wanted to be a hunter instead of the moose that I was going to make him be. He ran off to trick or treat with friends before I got a picture.
 Cody out scouting for the kill.
 This was Blake's first real trick or treating experience. We took him last year, but mainly he stayed in the stroller and I pushed him to the front porch. I stayed home and passed out candy while Cody took the younger kids around. After they were done we dump their buckets out and confiscate all the peanut items. So much candy has peanuts. Reese's, M&M's, snickers, paydays...and more. Good and bad news for Cody and I. I'm trying to eat healthier, so I snacked on one of each and then gave out the peanut candy to trick or treaters that night. Tucker wandered home an hour or so later with his friend. He hit the jackpot with a pillowcase full of candy.