Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tucker's Baptism

Tucker recently turned 8 years old.  He's been anxiously awaiting this birthday for quite some time.  He would tell people he couldn't wait until he turned eight so that he could get his BB gun and get baptized.  Two huge things for this little guy.  On the morning of his birthday we gave him his BB gun, and it did not disappoint.  He loves that thing, and has shown to be quite a good shot too.  We have taken it out several times and he is quite the sharp shooter.

We had a very small birthday party for him that night because he and Cole had soccer games and Lisa had her dance class.  What a busy evening.  Well, Lisa made him this delicious cake and he enjoyed blowing out all the candles.

On September 28th we had his baptismal service.  The weather was fantastic that day, and so was his service.  The talks given were excellent and he was such a happy boy.  It's crazy to think that it was eight years ago that he was born.  It seems like yesterday that Lisa and I were at the movies at Owings Mills Mall when her contractions really started to pick up, and then we headed over to Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Baltimore.  We are so very grateful to have him in our family and love what a great boy he is.