Monday, August 5, 2013

Wasatch County Fair and being a lumberjack

Every year the fair comes to town, and every year we procrastinate and end up missing it.  The kids always beg us to take them as we drive past all the rides.  This year we decided we were going to actually make it.  We called up our neighbors the Fotheringhams and went with them.
The kids loved it.  They had so much fun riding the rides.

I got a cool picture of Cole hollering with joy.

The best ride of the night was the ferris wheel.  Blake and I went together, and he was all smiles.

Here are some of the goofy kids posing for the camera.

Saturday morning I took Tucker and Aubrey with me to go get some firewood.  I bought a firewood permit this year to finally go cut down some wood for when we go camping.  It's going to be so nice to finally have firewood on our camping trips instead attempting to scrounge up some dead fall.  I invited my friends Joe Ashurst and Dave Prince to come along as well. My permit allowed me to harvest 4 cords of wood.  That's a ton, so we all took home some for our families.
I even put the kids to work on hauling the smaller logs they could handle.

There's Dave attempting to look scary.

It's hard to call it work when you are having so much fun with a chain saw.  Vroom! Vroom!