Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cody's birthday surprise

I have never really surprised Cody before and wanted to for his birthday this year. I purchased tickets for The Killers concert at UVU on November 30th the day tickets were released. I wanted the best seats I could afford so I was home and on the computer at 10 am ready to buy. All Cody knew was that he needed to be home from work at a certain time so that we could leave. I got our friends the Barkers in on my secret when I found out that they had bought tickets to the concert as well. We were good friends in our Provo ward 9 years ago and have only seen their family a couple times since we moved to dental school. Paul actually designed my webpage.
 Part of the surprise was meeting Paul and Ang at Cody's favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, for dinner before the show. I ended up having to tell Cody about dinner because we left our house late. Paul put the Killers ticket in Cody's napkin and when he sat down he found the tickets. I was proud of my stealth skills and we had a great dinner and fun night at the show.
 I only know a few Killers songs, but the light shows were fun to watch. A couple songs had strobe lights and it's a good thing I'm still on anti seizure medicine otherwise I could see how easy it would be to produce one.

Traffic was a beast in Utah Valley, but thankfully our babysitter had no problem getting home so late. Happy 34th birthday Cody! I made a fun collage on facebook with pictures of Cody each year on his birthday. Paul jokingly called it the evolution of a baldman. If I knew how to put a collage on here I'd show you all, but alas, I'm not that tech savvy.
Cody's Mom's birthday is right before Cody's so we had a celebratory dinner the Sunday after. Blake actually blew out some candles before the song was over. He's never done that before so of course we thought it was super cute.