Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elk Hunt 2012

Two weekends ago we went on the annual Elk Hunt. Cody's family has hunted above Strawberry Reservoir for years. This year was no different, except that now that we don't have a trailer, I didn't spend the night with the kids. Freezing temperatures with kids who don't stay in their sleeping bags is no fun. Cody took a couple kids up past Aspen Grove campground to the open country to pitch a tent Thursday night. He wanted to make sure we got a spot. Friday afternoon Cody's parents drove up with their 5th wheel. Cody woke up bright and early Saturday morning and drove up to meet his Dad, uncle and cousins for sunrise or whenever that magical time is to be allowed to shoot your game. About 9:30 am I received a text saying that he shot his cow elk (Cody had a cow and spike tag.) Tucker had his last soccer game and we were in charge of team treats so we didn't go up to meet him at the camp until lunch. Apparently the elk he shot got away because several hunters saw the elk go down, but no one could find it in the woods. I spent the afternoon and evening with the family and then brought the kids home for the night. Cody stayed and tried again Sunday morning. He was able to get another shot at a cow elk along with his Dad. I drove the kids back up to be with the family. They hauled up his Dad's elk up the mountain, but Cody's was so big that they were trying to find other solutions to get it. My Grandpa's horses weren't shod, so Cody finally got a hold of a friend with horses that drove up and helped them out.
Mickey's elk about to be deskinned.
Cole and Tucker on a little horse ride.

Parts of Cody's elk.


I never would have thought, ever, that I would be going on elk hunts yearly when I was younger. It's been a tradition throughout Cody's life and now it is with our family. Everyone must have some redneck in them.