Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pool party

We had our first pool party of the year back on June 23rd at my Grandpa Foster's home. I've been so lucky to grow up with a swimming pool at Grandma and Grandpa's and now my kids get to experience it too. Aubrey is a mini me. Cody stunted with her and tossed her into the water over and over. She loved it! We aren't doing swimming lessons this year because of my health, so the kids love going to Grandpa's house. They've actually improved since last year - yeah!
 Being launched is one of my favorite memories at the pool.
 It really was a great day because my parents and sister's family came to join us. My Dad rarely swims, but those grand kids can get him to do almost anything.
 Tucker recently asked Cody to buzz his hair like Daddy's, so we took the clippers out and off went his hair. My hair actually looks a bit long compared to his. : )
 Cousin Ethan. Blake missed the pool party because of a much needed afternoon nap. We barbecued later on and enjoyed the official start of summer. Last year I would drive my kids down at least once a week for piano lessons and swimming time. We'll be lucky to make it once a month this year.