Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oregon Camping Trip

We had a mini Calderwood Family reunion the end of June in Oregon. We found the halfway point between Salt Lake and Seattle and ended up camping in a town called Sumpter, Oregon, about 30 minutes away from Baker City. It was a long drive with a cranky baby, but we managed to make it there with only a couple blowouts. We stopped off in Baker City and ordered a pizza for dinner and took it to our campsite.
Cody's Dad and his brother have 4 wheelers and we drove around the area enjoying the beautiful sites. Everything is so lush and green in the northwest.
Caeden, Cole, me, Aubrey
We ate lunch at a large park in the city each day we were there. It was fun to chat with all of Cody's family and let the cousins play together. The kids played for hours and we even witnessed a wedding in the park.
First classic teeter totter ride.
Blake, Tucker, Beckham
Making coals for roasting marshmallows. Roasting and eating marshmallows is one of my favorite camping activities. Unfortunately I was on chemo while we were there and I can't eat after dinner in order to take my medication. We'll plan better next time. : )
It was so fun to see the girls play together. They are the only girl grand kids and bonded from the beginning. We give all Aubrey's old clothes to Aspen each time we see them.
Aubrey and Aspen
I felt good enough one day to go for a run. How can you not feel good and enjoy yourself when you are surrounded by this beauty?
Campsite. Carson's family slept in one tent, we had two. One for the kids and one for us, Kristin and Chris had a tent and Cody's parents stayed in their 5th wheel. I was missing our trailer on this trip. We sold ours in April and won't be ready to buy another one until the fall/spring.
Filthy and loving it!
Awesome dutch oven dinner.
Before heading out of town I saw this sign nailed to a tree. It reads, "We are looking for the hummingbird that laid the egg in the top of this tree!". Very clever and the kids loved it.
The egg.

Sumpter and Baker City are old mining towns. This is one of the large dredging machines they used to dig for gold. There is a museum we visited in the town where we learned more about the history.