Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day this year.  We got my dad two tickets to the John Fogerty concert this week up at Deer Valley.  My dad's favorite band growing up was, and still is, Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Carson, Kristin and I discussed it and decided to send my mom and dad on a date night to go enjoy the concert.  He was very surprised and very happy for such a gift.
For Lisa's dad, we got him a Garmin heart monitor that will help him with his workouts.  He's been working out and we thought he would enjoy a techy piece of equipment to further help him achieve his goals.  He loves it and was excited to receive it. 
As for me, Lisa was great and said that I can get two tickets to any BYU football home game this year.  I think we will go to the Washington State game.
The best part though was getting these letters from Tucker and Aubrey that they filled out at church.  There were some questions that they were supposed to answer, and boy are some of their answers funny.

In case you can't read it, let me re-write them here:
My daddy's name is:
Tucker- Cody
Aubrey- Cody

He is ____ years old, ______ tall and weighs _____ pounds.
Tucker- 20, 6', 160 (way off on age, right on with height, 20 pounds light on weight)
Aubrey- 33, 60' 44", 70 pounds (right on with age, height and weight, not so close)

His favorite food is:
Tucker-Sausage (I don't know where either of them came up with these answers, but they made me laugh anyway)
Aubrey- Pasta

My daddy is really good at:
Both said work.  That's right, I am really good at work.

He loves to:
Tucker- computer
Aubrey- work in the yard and paint the shed (not really, but it's still cute)

My favorite thing(s) to do with my dad is:
Tucker- camping
Aubrey- hang out with him

I'm just like my dad because I:
Tucker- play computer
Aubrey- play with him

What I love most about my daddy is:
Tucker- he helps me
Aubrey- hugging him

It makes dad happy when I:
Tucker- pick up my room (got that one right)
Aubrey- Come home from school

Awesome stuff.  They also drew a picture of me on the back of their survey.  Tucker drew a picture of me lifting weights.
 And Aubrey drew a picture of me in a field of flowers.

I love my kids and love being a dad.  I hope everyone else had a great father's day as well!