Thursday, June 7, 2012

1st Tooth

The tooth fairy has finally visited our home. And it took her long enough. Tucker has wanted to lose a tooth for at least a year now. I believe he honestly thought he was the only kid that had never lost one. He has a cousin that had a loose tooth once and pulled it himself. Cody forbade Tucker to do that, it wasn't ready to come out yet. But, the day finally arrived where it was wiggly enough that we knew he'd probably lose it with his corn on the cob. Cody asked Tucker if he'd like him to pull it. Cody got the pliers, we prepped Tucker that it would hurt - a lot - and then Dr. Calderwood yanked the tooth out of his mouth. Tucker didn't cry at all (and is very proud of himself).


Marisa said...

Trey was the same way, he was sure he was the last kid in his grade to lose a tooth... maybe it's genetic? He looks so cute!