Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas this year (technically last year). Cody's parents came up on Christmas Eve and his sister and her boyfriend came up in the evening for dinner and games. We played some Nertz, Mexican Train and had a good ole time. Christmas morning Mickey and Cerola drove back up to be here when the kids opened their presents.
 Santa brought Aubrey her first Barbie, Tucker received a remote control truck, Cole got a car and Blake a toy.

 Cole has this thing for tractors and was loving all of his loot!
 After opening all the gifts we got ready for our day and headed down to my Grandpa Foster's house for dinner. I love that all the family still gets together. We eat, then sit in the living room and open more presents, then play the white elephant trading game, but we play with good gifts. Once that was finished we headed to my parents house and opened more presents with them. Christmas really lasts all day long! Aubrey fell asleep on the way and was out for a little while.
It's fun having kids to enjoy Christmas with. They got some good stuff that is still keeping them happy. : ) I received a treadmill as my gift (I was just able to enjoy it for the month before Christmas) and Cody got a nice big stackable toolbox thing. Not quite sure what it's called but it fits all his stuff nicely in the garage. We also received a 50 gallon water drum from my parents for our food storage. I love all the get togethers with family around the holidays - that is a huge part of what it's all about for me.