Thursday, November 25, 2010

Better Late Than Never - Halloween

Blogging has definitely been put on the back burner lately. This fall has been crazy busy. Before I start taking pictures today I thought I'd catch up on last month's holiday. Tucker pulled out the Tiger costume he wore 2 years ago and insisted on being it again. Even though it was mid calf on him, I let him do it. He got all into these poses when I took his picture before school.
 They all thought it was fun to sprawl on the ground.
 But, I did get one decent pose of Aubrey before she wanted to be Tiger like. We borrowed this witch costume from a friend down the street. It was adorable!
 I couldn't decide if Blake should be the Bumblebee that Tucker wore when he was a baby...
 or the cute Bat costume I bought from Old Navy for less than a dollar when I was pregnant with Aubrey. (Didn't know the gender so I thought it would be alright to pay $.97.) We decided on the flying Blake Bat.
 Another pose before we began trick or treating in the pouring rain.
 The little bunch.

 On Sunday (actual Halloween) we headed up to my sister's house in Logan to celebrate her husbands birthday. All the kids wore their costumes and we had fun playing, decorating pumpkins, eating and being together.
 The little boys shared some food.
 Tucker got some one on one time with Grandpa.
 And Aubrey had fun playing in the rain water.
Cole was so cute this year and understood if you said "Trick or Treat" that people would give you candy. He was really good at saying Thank you as well.