Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daytrip to Logan

2 Saturdays ago we spent the day with my sister and her husband in Logan. They took us to a place in Idaho that Heather knows as the "Treehouse". Some guy built a series of walkways and treehouses all over his property and apparently doesn't care if you go visit. The tree bridges were pretty sketchy and reminded you of the movies where it could tumble to the ground or you would fall through, if you stepped in the wrong spot.

Dan and Cody wobbled their way through it while Heather and I watched with the kids. The walkways followed a stream that the kids thought was awesome. Stick throwing was had by all.
There was a rope swing that Cody tested out for us and we all took a turn swinging over the stream. Tucker was even brave enough to do it by himself.

We had a great time with Heather and Dan watching Basketball, buying Girl Scout Cookies, eating, riding bikes and playing games. Until next time!
Oh and I can't forget to post a picture of the turkeys that live by us on River Road. 2 male turkeys were strutting their stuff and chasing the females.


Becky said...

That place looks awesome. How come we lived in Logan and never knew about it?!

So this is so random but I had a bunch of crazy dreams last night and you were in one of them. Not sure why. Ü I won't bother telling you all the details of the dream but it was pretty funny!

Glad you guys are doing well. Congrats on the pregnancy! Your family is adorable!