Monday, September 28, 2009

Party on in PC

Last Friday we were able to go out to dinner with some of our dental school friends, the Jergensens. They moved to San Diego the year before we graduated. We ate at Squatters, which is right by Cody's work.Carly and Aubrey became instant friends and it made me miss living in Maryland with all of our friends. Us mom's were always getting together and our kids played all the time. It's just too bad that most of us moved from there with kids too little to really remember any of it.

Cole and Tyler are our babies. Tyler just turned 1 and Cole is 8 months.
Oh and to document the day - I turned 28 last Thursday. My friend Karen dropped me off a cupcake with a candle in it, so Tucker was my photographer and Aubrey helped me blow my candle out. Cody received 4 caramel apples from an Oral Surgeon the day before my birthday, so those became my birthday treat. They were delicious and we didn't have to make a cake! I was spoiled with breakfast in bed and flowers.

I bought my birthday present from Swiss Days and I love it! It looks great on our huge walls and came in an awesome frame. The best part is we got the 2nd print below for only a few dollars more. Now I can switch it out around the holidays.


Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

Yea! my cupcake made it on your blog! I hope you had an AMAZING birthday! I am so glad i got to see you on your big day since every other year i forget to call you! (boo i am a bad friend) :) I hope it tasted as good as it looked! We ARE getting together soon! I just bought some flowers for swiss days. I am so excited! :)

Karina & John Calderwood said...

I LOOOOOOVE your pics! Who is the artist? Super envious...I have been looking for a pretty temple pic and still debating. I LOVE yours. Happy Birthday once again!

The Strong Family said...

such pretty pics!! love those!