Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Odds and Ends

No, I'm not talking about a practice involving a psychologist and proctologist. I am talking about some more photos from my cell phone. We don't have a pocket sized camera, so there are times I have to use my cell phone to capture some pictures.
Back in August we went to a mustang show on Main Street in Park City with my parents. There were some sweet cars there.

Here we are outside of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory eating some of treats.

Over Labor Day weekend I was busy, busy, busy with Swiss Days. Here is a view from inside the pavillion where we were making the Swiss Tacos. You can see the many crazy people lined up waiting for their plate of their weeks supply of calories.

This is inside the pavillion with several of the ward members working the assembly line. I think we sold around 10,000 tacos in two days. It's insane.

On Labor Day we went behind our house with my parents to do some dutch oven cooking. It was a tasty lunch and a fun afternoon in the mountains. Tucker loved climbing that tree by the way.

This is the view I see out the front windows of my dental office. Not too shabby. Its the North end of the Park City Mountain Resort.


Carson Calderwood said...

Your phone takes some pretty good pix!

MacDonald Family said...

Robb says sweet car... Dalee says sweet double stroller! I've never seen one like that. do you love it? I think i'm in love.