Monday, June 29, 2009

In our backyard

While our backyard attached to our home may not actually have these items, it all isn't too far away! We took a drive last week in the hills behind our home and saw tons of gorgeous wild flowers. The shot is hazy because it was during the day, but this is our little town of Midway. You can actually see our house in the photo. It's to the right of Memorial Hill.

Our off roading adventure brought us to Cascade Springs which is just above Soldier Hollow.
It has nature trails and tons of little waterfalls.
Oh and fish. We're always looking for fish.
Later that night, for FHE we went to the Midway Pond with some friends. The boys wanted to go fishing, but Tucker lost interest fast and ended up in the water with the other kids.
It was a beautiful day and so nice to be outside.


The Huff Family said...

Jeremy and I used to go to Cascade Springs when we lived in Utah. I am sure the kids loved all of the water and bridges!

Jenks Family said...

we are going private send me your address at

The Strong Family said...

Gorgeous pictures!