Friday, March 20, 2009

Office Website

I finally got a website for my dental practice. You can go check it out at and enjoy the handsome picture of me. Things are going great at the practice. We are busy and we have been getting great feedback from our patients. They are very happy and pleased with their experiences. So all in all, I am very grateful for all the blessings we have received because we couldn't have done all of this alone, that's for sure.


Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...


Russell said...

Hey nice webpage!!! Who photoshoped your picture to take away the scars from the disfiguring accident?

Deon said...

Impressive! I have a broken tooth - can I get it fixed for free when I go to Utah this weekend? Bwa hahaha. Seriously, the website looks great.

Bryce said...

The website looks good. The only thing it is missing is a little thing that says "El doctor se habla espanol." y "el doctor es muy bueno y guapo." Unless there aren't many latinos in Park City. THat would probably help bring in the spanish population.

Deuces (get it. two finger peace sign. this is the crap I learn in ATL.)