Monday, April 13, 2015

Clogging Competitions

Clogging competition season started with Thanksgiving Point. Aubrey competed on Saturday and I did on Friday. We started the morning off with Halle's baptism in Eagle Mountain and then rushing to the Barn for Aubrey's dancing. She missed her first solo but made it for the rest and her team dance. 

I competed the day before Aubrey with Rocky Mountain Unlimited. I love my team and have such a fun time. We danced our Traditional Line dance from last year and Unlimited. Neither of them are on YouTube so I don't have them on video. 
Our new Girls dance is though. 
Show routine. 
It is a show stopper that's for sure. I'm not sure the crowd knows what to do when we walk out and start dancing. We have one more dance, but don't have it on video. We placed first with both of these routines. 

I was able to travel to St. George with my team mid March for a day and compete as well at the Dixie Spectacular and we placed first in all our numbers. It was a long fun day. Here are a few pictures. The team voted to give me the overall team trophy. I drove down in a van with 7 of my teammates. We stopped at Jimmy Johns in St. George for lunch before heading over to the convention center.
 Alisha on my team made all these ribbons for my studio to wear at the competition to support me. I was scheduled to go in for my brain surgery the following Thursday. 

 Our old lady dance took high gold and overall studio award.
The coveted trophy came home with me!