Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and I got spoiled with a delicious breakfast and gifts from the kids.  Tucker put together a booklet of some drawings he made of some of my favorite activities.  It was so creative and fun. I love it.  I'm sure I will look at it years from now with great pride. After church we invited up my parents, Lisa's parents and her grandpa Foster for a fun dinner.  I ate so much I had to extend my belt another notch.  It was so delicious.  We had thick, juicy hamburgers, fresh corn on the cob, an awesome fruit salad that Lisa's mom brought, and a yummy desert that my mom brought.  I wish I had an extra stomach for moments like that.

We all had a great time talking and hanging out.  The kids especially loved their popsicles.  Blake's turned his entire mouth and lips blue.  Funny kid.

Here's a photo of all the dad's that came.  Lisa's dad, her grandpa, my dad, and me.

And a picture of Lisa with her dad and grandpa.

I gave my dad some elk steaks for his gift and Lisa gave her dad this piano quilt that she has been making. Both presents were big hits.

Lisa and the kids bought me this cordless dustbuster to use in our trailer and boat to clean up all the inevitable crumbs that our kids create.

After dinner we went and walked through the new home that is being built in our neighborhood.  The kids thought that was so cool.  

We are grateful for our dad's and for all their sacrifices throughout our life and their great examples.  Happy Father's day to our dads!