Friday, June 27, 2014

Calderwood cousin fun

My brother Carson drove into town last weekend with his family for their summer vacation.  Our kids love to get together with cousins and do stuff, so we have planned a few fun activities this week that they have enjoyed.  Saturday night we went to Draper park.  We ate pizza and let the kids play.  It's funny how there were ample options of swings, slides, and other playground equipment, but invariably the Calderwood kids all ended up down in the ditch playing in the water and mud.  They were in heaven.

I had work off on Monday so we went to lunch together then headed over to the new Thanksgiving Point museum.

It's a very hands on museum that is great for wiggly, rambunctious kids like ours.  They all got a kick out of the Water Works section.

Tucker and Beckham dressed up in outfits of their choosing.

Outside they had fun riding the zipline.

On Wednesday Lisa met up with my mom and they took the kids to the aquarium in Draper.  That place never gets old for our kids.

Aubrey just loves having Aspen around.  In a family full of boys, she is really enjoying having another girl to play with.

We took Caeden and Aspen back up to Midway with us that night for a sleep over.  The next day Lisa took them to see the Zebra and Buffalo in Park City.  Always a favorite with kids.

It's been a fun week for the cousins to get together.  Next up, a weekend at Sand Hollow state park!